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US Immigration from Turks and Caicos Islands

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A Family member’s Asylum Application Can Effect Other family Member’s Tourist Visa
9:31 am July 27, 2020


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Hello VJ Community,

My cousin s Mother in US now and she will apply for Asylum. Her Husband and daughter has a tourist visa. After she applied if they want to entry US for touristic purposes. Can be a problem for them? Can Mother s asylum application effect their visa and entry at the airport?

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Questions about unlawful presence and 10 years bar
11:21 am July 4, 2020


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Hello VJ community!

I have some question about my situation,

I entered US on October 2018 with a K1 Visa. I married with my fianc e in 90 days. After marriage we never file for AOS. On October 2019 my wife had a complaint to the police about me. I went to court on Jan 2020 and everything is dismissed. When i left from to courthouse 4 ICE agents waiting for me and they arrested me and put me to the detention facility in NJ. I stayed there 6 months and my wife didn t help me and because there was no relief for me i ask for Voluntary Departure option and IJ granted me and i left the country under safe guards on July 2020. We still legally married but we are on divorce process.

My questions is,

1. What was my status after my K1 visa expired. I stayed in US more than 1 year after my visa expired. Is that time count as out of status or unlawful status?
2. If I marry with another woman in the future do i need a waiver for inadmissibilty?

3. How long i have to wait for marry again and apply for visa. I have a US citizen girlfriend and we want to marry after divorce.

4. At the airport i talked with ICE agents about my situation and i asked what is my punishment and they told me there is no punishment and i can apply visa right away when i go back to my country. But some people saying there is punishment for voluntary departure. So i m confused i don t want to think ICE agents lied to me.

Thank you.

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