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Former DACA, now illegal but just married citizen...what does she need to file to be legal?
6:43 pm August 31, 2018



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My friend and her husband are living with us. She is trying to file her papers so she can go to school next year. She was adopted (not legally, basically just given) by an aunt in the states from her family in New Zealand when she was 3, back in 1999. She had DACA until 2015 when it expired. She married a citizen in May 2018. What does she need to file? I-130 from her husband and the I-130A for her and the I-751 all at once?

Also, her New Zealand birth certificate has her mom's name spelled wrong and her dad's birthday is wrong. Dad is deceased. Mom is a dual citizen of Tonga and New Zealand and travels back and forth to the US legally on visas (never has overstayed). Should she put the info on the forms according to the birth certificate she has or the correct way on her mom's passport? (dad is deceased).

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Processing Time
10:16 pm January 24, 2017

Talita Mateaki

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I am a daughter of a USC born outside the US. Im 27yrs and unmarried, my USC mother filed form 1130 on May 4 2012. My case then approved on Oct 1 2013. Does anyone have any idea for how long is the processing time? Help please..

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RFE crazy situation
3:36 pm August 19, 2016



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My husband received a request for initial evidence for his pending application for permanent residence. After obtaining all the requested documents we mailed the information to the address given on the Request for Initial Evidence, which was

US Department of Homeland Security

PO BOX 648004

Lees Summit, MO 64002

Yesterday we received a phone call from a Healthmate International in Kansas City, MO calling to figure out why they received the package and the package was damaged, instead of homeland security. something was spilled on the package but all documents are still legible.

Of course, at first we figured the postal service damaged the package and sent it to the wrong address. I called the postal service to figure out what happened and they informed me that M. Seievers from the Homeland Security office signed for the package, so I am trying to figure out why the package was sent to this random healthcare facility.

Does anyone have any idea why this would happen?? Has it happened to anyone else?!!

So frustrating!

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questions about i-864
3:13 pm May 6, 2016



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My husband and I got married last weekend. We went through the K-1 visa process for him to come to the USA and we are now filling out paperwork for Adjustment of Status. I am working on filling out form i-864 affidavit of support for his permanent residence and am wondering when it asks my "LAST NAME (FAMILY NAME)" do I use my maiden name or his last name, since we are married now and I will be getting my name changed to his last name. Hopefully someone will know :) thanks!

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Wife now a U.S. Citizen want to travel... need visa?
8:23 pm March 9, 2016


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After waiting 3 years being denied at interview (twice) wife finally made it here in 2007 today she is a U.S Citizen my questions

She want to go to Australia, first flight to visit family from U.S.A. to Australia, does she need a visit to enter Australia from U.S.?

Then leave from Australia to Vietnam to visit friends and family there Q: does she need a visa to enter vietnam?


~All I can say, if you truly love them you'll put up with the BS the Consulate officers do!~

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