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Bringing Family Member of U.S citizen
3:55 pm January 30, 2016



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Hi lovely peoples, I just got my oath letter In the mail:). Now that I will soon become a US citizen thru in a 3yrs marriage to a USC. How do I go about bringing my 8 years old baby sister who currently lives overseas to come live with us in the U.S.

I started sponsoring her fully 2years ago, since our mum died of Cancer and our dad on disability. She is currently living with my single dad where she doesn't get as much parenthood attention. I did not indicate her in my naturalization application, because if am not mistaking, there is only section for your children, not sister, but like I said, I am like her adopted parent because my wife n I sponsor her 100%, should i have added her in the form N400?, Since I didn't? How do I go about bringing her?

I appreciate your patience reading through and answering, we really wanna help her grow up in a much better environment.

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Pages: 1   (Viewing page 1 of 1 ) - topics in the last 5 years

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