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Adding utilities that do not show both petitioner and spouse names?
8:25 pm September 29, 2022



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I have a question about utilities. In our particular situation, we added the petitioner's name rather late to the utility bill accounts and so we only have bills from this year's with both the spouse's and petitioner's names but not those from previous years. Those from previous years only have the spouse's name on them. Should we include these bills from previous years regardless in our I-751 packet? Or is it better to leave the bills from prior years out and just write up an explanation as to why they were left out?


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Blank or N/A
3:44 pm September 19, 2022



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Hi everyone,

Time for me to file the I-751 and I've been stuck on something. I've read some posts where people relayed that others got rejected for leaving spaces blank and that the safest bet is to just write N/A in every box that doesn't apply to you. However, I'm overthinking things and now I'm iffy on 3 sections:
1) PAGE 1: Do I leave the attorney space on page 1 (right above part 1 on page 1) blank since it says "START HERE" right underneath it?
2) PAGE 1: Do I write N/A in every box on OTHER NAMES used?
3) PAGE 11 : Do I fill out my name and A-number but write N/A for the rest if I'm not using it?

What it comes down to for me is that I'm using N/A on everything (children, preparer, interpreter) that doesn't apply to me already, so I'm worried that if I leave something blank that the USCIS officer will see it as me having missed something and then rejecting my application based on some blank spaces (other names blank, attorney blank, page 11 blank) on a form with several N/As. It sounds ridiculous when I type it out but....

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