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Port of intry
12:39 pm February 19, 2018



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Hi guys, I already have my spouse visa, my husband is currently visiting...

i wanted to know does my husband need to write a letter for my to travel with our son who is a USC . Because even tho we are married he has his fathers name

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Red flags or not?
12:24 pm November 29, 2017



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Hi guys, I'm a cr1 applicant I will have my interview soon but I'm a bit worried and nervous...

I will give u guys a bit of a background story....

i met my husband 12 years ago I was 14 and he was 22 at the time after our first year dating he moved to the states we dated for 4 more year before breaking up

after that in 2012 my mom hooked my up with her friends son who stays in the states we dated for 1 year I applied for a tourist visa to visite him but was denied not to long after that we broke up because he was cheating on my with his so called ex..

In 2014 my husband ( back then ex) re connected we got pregnant in 2015 en married in 2016, we applied for cr1 in 2017

do you guys see any red flags?

I forgot to mention my husband always came on vactions so I always see him

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Guyana embassy
7:10 pm November 22, 2017



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Does anybody from gayana know how long it takes to get a interview date?

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7:40 pm November 6, 2017



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My case got accepted for expedition a couple a days ago, I was wondering how much days those NVC takes to transport the documents ?

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NVC stage
6:02 pm October 22, 2017



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Hi guys THE NVC received Our case last monday But no case number as yet ...

We were thinking About requesting a expedite....

Can we request it without a case number and just use a USCIS receipt number ?!

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