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Entering on a visitor visa when you have an APPROVED K1
2:35 pm December 1, 2016


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Is it possible to choose which visa to enter the states on? Our plan is to have my fianc arrive on the vistor visa for a few months, leave and reenter on the K1 visa before it's validity expires within the 6 months. This would extend our engagement together.

How would you enter on a visitor visa when the passport already has the K1 visa approved in it?



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Unable To Schedule Final Interview
1:22 am October 14, 2016


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Our NOA2 with our case number came in back in August and the CEAC tracking tells us its ready to schedule the interview. So after when trying to schedule, it tells us our case number is invalid and it mentions an appointment letter from the NVC or Consulate section? What is this appointment letter they're talking about? Do we have to wait for another package after the NOA2 to schedule the final interview? My fiance already did her medical and readiness application online at the end of September.

Any insight would be helpful.

PS, Yes we quintillion checked the case number to make sure it was correct when entering it. Oddly enough, the LND2016XXXX we put in doesnt work however, the same LND2015XXXX number (switching our case number to read 2015 instead of 2016) lets us continue to the next step to register for a courier and such. Maybe its a glitch?



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