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N400 while I 751 waiver is pending after interview for 10 months ( case out side normal processing time )
8:01 pm March 22, 2022



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I file to remove conditions I 751 waiver divorce since back to late 2018 , went through all the process had my interview for I751 since April 2021 after that nothing happened , my I 751 is still pending until today . I filed then N400 for citizenship based on 5 years rule I got my interview coming up in may 2022 Milwaukee office . My question is anyone went through this ? Had his interview for N400 and get both cases approved at the same time ?
Thanks . Please need informations from someone who had a similar case .

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Ir5 article 212 (A)(6)(C)(I) (E)
9:10 pm September 16, 2021



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My mom when to her interview this is what they

give to her visa not approved

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290B filed, wife is approved but dependents are denied.
11:12 pm April 11, 2019



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Hello All,

I need some advice on my case.

After receiving a letter of denial. I filed the 290B for my wife and two kids. The lawyer told me that we only have to file for my wife since the kids are just dependent, and they will automatically be approved if the wife case is approved.

Well, to our big surprise, we received the green card and the permit for my wife, however, we have not received a green card for the kids.

When their cases were initially denied, we received a separate letter for each person, and I specifically told the lawyer about it but was stubborn that filing for each person is not needed.

We call the immigration, and they informed us that we will have to file a new 290B for each individual that was denied. We are planning to schedule an appointment at the local immigration office to find out if we have any other options since the children names were included in the initial filling.

Please advice.


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2:43 am December 11, 2018


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The embassy processing my husband's visa instructed us to schedule appointment through ais.usvisa-info.com

The problem is there are no available appointments! Been trying the website for close to a week now, hoping to snag an appointment in mid January.

But there is nothing showing, not even months away.

Does anyone know how often embassies post appointments? Does it vary? Is there a particular time in a month when they post?

I emailed the embassy, but no response thus far. Our case is now 4.5 years old (USC petitioning for a husband) his third interview, so we'd love to finally have closure. Any help would be greatly appreciated with anyone having experience with visa scheduling process.

Thanks :)

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7:41 pm June 17, 2018


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Have anyone ever gone through the experience of NVC deleting or losing their file? I called NVC to see if I had a case number and invoice number, and I did, so the representative provided the numbers and I wrote them down quickly because I was at work. Later that night I was speaking to my husband about our case and he wanted to know the numbers I didnt have them with me, so I called NVC back it was on a Friday around 10pm the first rep was a guy and he told me he cant find my number, so Im like what, that doesnt make since I spoke with someone earlier, he clearly wanted to get me off the phone, we hung up and I called back right away and spoke with a woman, she did some investigating and told me to call back in a hour the managers was in a meeting and at this point Im becoming angry I dont want to go through the weekend not knowing whats going on. I hangup with her and call back and get a rep named Brian, i explained everything and ask if they record calls maybe he can go back if I can provide the time I called earlier that morning he than put me on hold for maybe 15minutes he went and got a supervisor, they proceeded to ask different questions and I explained something is not right. So they had to get someone else involved, Im about to cry at this point because I have been waiting so long to get to this point. Brian came back to the phone and said they found my information, look like someone deleted your file by mistake I was shocked he provided my numbers again and wished me a goodnight. Thank god I called back because if I didn't call that night and decided to wait for the confirmation email I would have never recieved it. Moral of the story stay on top of NVC. If you have any stories of your experience with the visa process please share.

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