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Request for Evidence (RFE)
3:55 am July 8, 2019



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Hello Everyone

I received a RFE on a filed petition for my mother, I don t have any of the secondary evidence they are requesting at hand but RFE state that If you don t have any of secondary evidence available, you must first establish that evidence is not available by submitting evidence of non-existence. After which u can submit an Affidavit sworn to by two people testifying their personal knowledge about your relationship to each other. My question here is how is this evidence of non-existence done? It is a mere letter to USCIS stating you do not have them...please help..Thanks for the help.

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Changing my status on filed I-130 petition
2:14 am May 24, 2018



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Hi Family

I have filed for my wife for I-130.. My current status when filing was a green card holder filing for spouse but currently in the process to a citizen. How do I update my status on the Already filed I-130 to reflect My citizen status when I become one...Your responses will be highly appreciated! Thanks

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Affidavit of Support - US Spouse Domicile (Living overseas)
5:55 pm March 12, 2018



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Hi there,

My wife (US Citizen & Petitioner) has been living with me in the UK since November 2014. We are currently applying for a IR1 - CR1 visa for myself (UK Citizen) via the London Embassy. Since my wife has been in the UK, she has maintained her bank account in the US, renewed her US drivers license, renewed US passport, and filed her taxes every year as well as numerous trips back home.

Additionally we have purchased a house and a car in the US, both in her parents name (father in law will be my joint sponsor). Mortgage is being paid out of my wife's US bank account and her parents have wrote a letter (notarised) saying as such and that the house (its mortgage) and car will be transferred to us upon arrival in the US.

With this I believe we'll meet the domicile requirement. However when filling out the Affidavit of Support, on Part 4 - Information about the Sponsor, is my wife to put our US address as the mailing address and the physical address as our current address in the UK?



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Permanent resident filing for wife
2:21 am July 31, 2017



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Hello Everyone

I would want to know what is my best option from the big family out here...I was expecting my citizenship this year and had plans filing for a fianc visa for my woman however I went for the N400 interview was told I spent more than six months outside the state and that disqualifies me. The consular advice me to redraw my application and file next year which I did. I planned getting married the end of the year. I read on other platforms that , filing for a fianc visa is faster however you have to be a citizen first. I will have to wait for probably a year and six months to be citizens. Now the question is Do I wait for the citizenship first before I file or get married and file as green card holder for my spouse or do an engagement and wait for my citizenship and file for fianc visa. Personally I want to get married now and file as permanent resident. Has anybody here filed as resident and how long does the process takes? Pls advise

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