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Medical Marijuana use and upcoming medical exam
9:38 pm January 28, 2024


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To preface this, I did a bit of research on these forums before deciding to post. I searched "marijuana" and "medical marijuana" but wasn't really finding anything that fit my current situation exactly. With that being said, if I'm posting this in the wrong area, or anyone has the need to tell me to review a specific post for my answer(s), please feel free to push me elsewhere.

I feel like my situation is a bit unique as my fianc lives on a small island off of the UK that is considered it's own democracy, however, the embassy he'll be interviewing at is London, which is about an hour long plane ride away. So let's just say the fact that he'll need to take two separate flights to do his medical, fly back, and re-book an entire flight for the interview itself is a headache, but I suppose these are the things we do for love

To be clear: my fianc has NOT scheduled his medical appointment yet, as we are still waiting for his police report to come back. He has not ever been cited or ticketed for marijuana (ie, recreational use).

Jersey has allowed for medical marijuana. They don't have a special card to prove any type of "approval" as we have in the US, however, my fianc has been prescribed *medical* marijuana for several years. About 6 months ago I began to research this and was panicking a bit. So, to ease my fears a bit, my fianc reached out to the doctor who prescribes the medical marijuana (separate doctor as the GP) and he assured him that this information would NOT be on his medical report. Well, lo and behold, of course it's all over his medical report that he ordered from his GP, and just received on Friday. Now my panic has reached an all time high. I don't think I've slept more than 2 hours straight all weekend.

I've read countless posts on here about people being immediately denied for marijuana use/having marijuana citations on their police report, etc. I would consider these as "recreational" use. But I can't find anything specific to medical marijuana. Obviously my brain is all over the place right now, but currently, my mindset is that since marijuana is still federally outlawed here in the US, should I automatically assume this is the end of the road for us? He has visited me MANY times during this K1 process and has never touched it while here in the US. He doesn't have any intentions of touching it when (well, if...) he moves here. From my research, the Visa Physician in London will be asking him about marijuana use, and obviously he can't lie, I wouldn't want him to do that - but will the fact that it's medically prescribed and monitored make ANY difference in this? I can only assume when he answers yes to this question, he'll be automatically sent for a drug screen, it will be positive, and then lights out...

I feel physically ill and can't even fathom the last two years being a complete waste over THIS out of all the hurdles we've faced and all the money we've spent.

If anyone can PLEASE shed some light on this from any past circumstances they've faced - specifically having to do with medicinal marijuana and NOT recreational - I'd appreciate any insight you could give me. I'm absolutely beside myself.

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Spouse of I-130 Beneficiary or Applicant
4:07 am February 6, 2023



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Hello Everyone,

I intend filling a petition for my biological mother, however my mother is current married to another man, my question is can my mother's husband immigrate with her when the petition is approved and visa become available to her. I have read about derivative option online and my understanding is, a spouse or children of I-130 beneficiary can accompany or follow to Join the applicant. Will that be the case for my mother and the current husband? how do I go about it to bring her and the husband together? Please help. Thank you in advance.

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Request for Evidence (RFE)
3:55 am July 8, 2019



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Hello Everyone

I received a RFE on a filed petition for my mother, I don t have any of the secondary evidence they are requesting at hand but RFE state that If you don t have any of secondary evidence available, you must first establish that evidence is not available by submitting evidence of non-existence. After which u can submit an Affidavit sworn to by two people testifying their personal knowledge about your relationship to each other. My question here is how is this evidence of non-existence done? It is a mere letter to USCIS stating you do not have them...please help..Thanks for the help.

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