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US Immigration from Guinea Bissau

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help please desperate
12:08 pm August 9, 2018


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hello guys how are you I'm desperate, I have 13 months waiting for the interview and I have no answer, my work card expires in September, call Uscis told me that this time, I'm a widow I do not know what to do I'm desperate

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help please desperate
1:18 pm April 4, 2018


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hello my adjustment of status was sent from May of 2017 I only received my work permit, from there I did not receive any appointment for interview, from my i-485 I just sent a letter informing that my husband pass away, and they sent me a letter saying that I should only carry the certificate of death on the day of the interview, I do not know what to do I have been waiting for 11 months for the interview how much longer wait

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help please RFE i765
2:34 am September 22, 2017


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Hello I was sent RFE for I765, asking for a copy of my passport or visa, and marriage certificate, or a legal paper with a change of name, send my visa passport, marriage license, and a copy of my insurance paper social where the married name appears, says USCIS that they are confused because I filled the I765 with the married name and also in the system my maiden name appears, that I must wait for when to approve my work permit, someone happened the same thing to me ?

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help the lawyer has me confused,
9:19 pm September 16, 2017


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I am adjusting my status, my husband died, in the process, hire a lawyer in the month of August to continue the process, she told me that on August 4, I sent a letter and a copy of my dead husband's certificate, until the date was not heard anything of the uscis, then I wrote and told me to send the punes again the letter and the copy of the certificate that died, I do not know what to do I'm desperate, you who advise me, because you do not reported nothing, and how long does the process take for widows when they already have the pending status adjustment and the husband dies

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urgent plis RFE I765 and i131
9:15 pm September 16, 2017


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Hi, please help me, my status has taken 5 months, call the uscis to ask about my i765, and they told me that they would send me an answer in 15 to 30 days, when i cant see that they sent me an RFE for the i765 and the i131 , I still do not receive it, I am aggrieved, because I do not know what to ask, how long after the RFE I approved the work permit

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