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AoS Interview requirements
3:20 pm


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Hello VJ Users,

I received a letter explaining the required documents that I must bring with me for my Adjustment of Status interview and I can't provide W-2's as my Affidavit of Support is Self-Employed and doesn't make payslips for himself as well as other documents. What should I do?

My wife suggested we provide a letter explaining that he is self-employed and provide a Tax Return form.

Would that suffice?

Also another question:

I have my wife's birth certificate but I only have a copy of the front page.

Will I require the back side of the birth certificate or will that not mind?

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Interview scheduled -/- Conflicts with Advance Parole
11:21 pm


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Hello VJ Users,

We applied for my Adjustment of Status and also applied for Advance Parole and sent them both together.

My wife and I have a cruise scheduled in January 2014 for our Honeymoon as well as my parents 20th Anniversary. My parents are really looking forward to this as they want to spend time with me because I am no longer back home (Moved to the US).

We received a letter from the US Government today saying that my interview is ready and has been scheduled for January 8th 2014. We called in and they said they had the Advance Parole information on their system and was in the middle of processing it. They knew about the days I requested to be out of the states yet they gave us a date that conflicted with it.

My wife and I were wondering what are the precautions to asking for the interview to be delayed.

It mentions we may have to repeat steps but the operator said those steps could be something as small as a bio-metrics scan.

What really concerns me is the delay. How much of a delay are we looking at facing if we delay the interview? I arrive back on January 20th into the US.

It would really devastate my parents if I don't go on the cruise but they will understand for something as important as this. I am curious how much of a risk it is to delay an interview?

Thank you for reading and for your support VJ

- Ricardo

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