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US Immigration from French Polynesia

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4:05 pm March 30, 2017


Fabien Kobbar1990

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Hello everyone,

I am a green card holder and I have a misdemeanor dismissed recently, it was my first offense . I should to apply the naturalization this year 2017. My worrying is if I have to wait 5 years after the crime.

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French Polynesia (Tahiti)
5:02 pm April 15, 2016



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Hi Everyone, I am new to this and desperate for answers.

I am an American citizen and my fiance is a French citizen of French Polynesia, she lives on the island of Tahiti to be exact.

She and I want to get married and live together in the United States. We recently sent USCIS our I-129F forms and they were received by them on April 1st, 2016.

We fully understand the process and how long everything should take. I know next I will have to wait to hear from our the U.S. office to see if we are approved for a K1 Visa, then she will have to do things like the medical exam, pay the fee and take the interview on her end.

My problem is that there doesn't seem to be ANY U.S. Embassy on the island of Tahiti/French Polynesia. There is a "U.S. Consular Agency Office" located on her island and it's in the district of Punaauia, I don't know that they help people with Visas however. According to multiple searches I have done, the closest place she can get it done is in Fiji... Is this correct? Suva, Fiji is on the other side of the Pacific and it will cost us a ton of money just to get her from Tahiti to Fiji (there aren't direct flights).

Does ANYONE out there have experience with this? Again, we are an American and Tahitian (French Polynesian) couple looking to get married and get our K-1 Visa. Are there any couples like us or folks that have known anyone with a similar situation? We don't want to have to go all the way to Fiji for her interview. If you are an American or Tahitian who has dealt with the K1 Visa process, please help me out by letting me know what you had to do and if there is any easier way for us travel-wise.

Thank you in advance, I appreciate the support.


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