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US Immigration from Faroe Islands

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High fraud countries
10:50 am March 15, 2018


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Dear guys!

I hope I have put this topic at the right place. If not, excuse me.

I am at the very beginning of my journey and while not allowed to work, spending some time at this great forum.

Just curious, which countries ( already know for Ghana and Nigeria) are red flagged as " high fraud "? Are any European countries in that group?

Thank you so much for your answers!

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AOS on B2
8:24 pm March 11, 2018


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Well, have sent our AOS documents few hrs ago ( B2) .Someone has written to me ( not this forum) " you will get denied when they check the story you ve told at the embassy while applied for visa".I have applied 2 yrs ago while my husband has been just an online friend and my 1st intention has been to visit some other place ( have been there).Have unplanned visited him after for a few days on that trip (really just as a friend).

It is visible if they would check my POE at that time.

What are your opinions. We mostly get 10yrs at B2. I don' t think all out trips and vacations must be strictly at one place we have said at visa interview, would be silly.

Thank you in advance for your answers & good luck to all .

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Dicorce and B2
1:24 pm March 6, 2018


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For some reason my older sister havent travellied with VWP but has sucessfully obtained B2 and visited USA once without any problems.By the that time she has been married, but now divorced. Will her divorce make her problems at POE at her future visits?She is older woman ( 56) has 2 jobs and property in Sweden and no any intentions to immigrate or illegaly work in USA.

Thank you so much for your answers.

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Stay in USA om tourist 2
6:20 pm December 21, 2017


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Please help!

I am from EU country; have valid B2 visa; entered USA in order to stay a few weeks only; but after a great time spent with my friend I know from before, we realized that " there is something much much more " ...well we ve got married 3 and half months after my entering USA. My allowed stay is 6 months. I know that I ve made a fraud and that is what make me so scared. I wouldnt like to go back to Europe, right now my working contract is over, and not so much what would wait for me there.

I know I need to apply for AOS ;our marriage is truthful; have never dreamed of living in USA before I ve meet this man ( at one of my previous turist travels) just know I want to live with him; find job and be honest citizen as I ve always been the whole of my life.

We re both older people; my husband is near 70 yrs old.Would our age be an huge obstacle?

I know you will advice me travelling back and wait for spouse visa but in our case this is a bit complicated.

Am I in huge danger that my AOS could be denied?

Thank you so much for your answers and help!

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