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Military naturalization N400 expedited
3:01 am April 27, 2017



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Hi, I have applied for naturalization during boot camp i.e. Nov 2016. I did my interview in Dec 18, 2016. However, I have been waiting since then. It's been more than 120 days since application. After contacting USCIS multiple times, I spoke to the military liaison officer and she put in a request for the file to be expedited. She told me that the requested was approved and the name check/background check should be expediated. Now it's been more than three weeks and I am still waiting. Has any one been through this or does anyone know how long it takes for the background check once it is expedited?

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How long does administrative processing take .
12:46 pm April 19, 2017


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Hello, my name is Luwam . me and my two siblings had an interview for an immigrant visa in june 27 2016. we were told our process is under administrative processing and the embassy will be contacting us when the case is done . we didn't hear from them until a month ago when they gave my little brother his visa. But me and my sister were told we are still under ap , what i would like to know is, how long does the process take and is there a chance were a visa of the same case can be granted to one member of a family and deny the rest ?
thank you

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Pages: 1   (Viewing page 1 of 1 ) - topics in the last 5 years

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