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1:23 pm November 21, 2021



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Hi hopping that y'all are ok... please i need some advices... We submitted our affidavit of support (k1) to the Consulate in Germany and my fianc did also overlooked the form just sealed it and send it over with others documents to the consulate .But some days later we found out after send him a copy of that AOF by email that a mistake was made with my date of birth and the city where i am working??????.So what can we do? because that affidavit of support is already at the consulate with those mistakes and his interview is next week.

- Should he call the consulate to fix it?

- Should he bring a new AOS while doing his pre-screening next week and tell the CO about those mistakes before the interview?

I will appreciate your advices.?

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I 130
12:07 pm February 9, 2021



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I'm a usa citizen, and I'm filing for mom i 130 online and they are asking to provide DNA test as a proof of the relationship. Do I need to submit it now with the application. Or it will be submitted later if uscis requires it. Meaning that should submit my i 130 without dna test, right?

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Please advise
6:30 am November 18, 2020



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Hello guys,

I have a question about when you file for N-400. My wife and I got married on 01/12/2018. So, it will be 3 years on January 12, 2021. USCIS advises to file N-400 within 90 days before the third anniversary (in the case of a marriage to a US citizen that I am).

This is my question: what happens if you fail to file N-400 within 90 prior to the third anniversary? To be clear are we supposed to necessarily file the N-400 within 90 days prior to the 3rd wedding anniversary or we can do it sometime next year like in March or April 2021? What does the law really say about the time to file? Please assist.

Notes: her conditional resident status has been extended for 18 months after applying for I-797 as the biometric has not yet been done (certainly because of COVID-19). Does it mean that she is good to proceed with the N-400?

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Changed my name through Local District, will this impact my N-400 after they approve it?
6:40 pm June 23, 2020



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Changed my name through Local District, will this impact my N-400 after they approve it?

I did ask USCIS to change my name before I got approved and then I decided to go to a local court and file a petition to change my name. A few weeks later my N-400 got approved and my name change from the court got approved too. I mailed a copy of the petition to the Field Office. But since then I haven't heard anything or seeing my name change on my uscis account. What should I do? I have been waiting for the oath ceremony since March of this year and most of the court suspended all naturalization ceremonies in my district. What should I do? And meanwhile, my green card expired and I called the Contact Center they said they won't schedule for any ADiT stamp appointment unless I provide proof of my job asking for my legal status which they haven't asked me. What should I do? I sent the certified document of the court order

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Need To Get Started
8:09 am October 24, 2018

Jessica M.

Jessica M.

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I am a U.S citizen and my husband is a refugee in canada. We both live in Canada now. I am here with a visitor and allowed to go in and out but my husband can't. How do i go about getting him to the U.S.? And filing for his green card?

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