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CR1 interview went well but no visa yet
11:19 pm January 17, 2023

Mr Tee

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My spouse interviewed for her CR1 about a couple of months ago in Kinshasa. She answered every single question beautifully to the satisfaction of the CO. The CO even told her what she needed to take with her on the flight in terms of paperwork to the US and gave her a toll free number to call once in the USA in case of spousal abuse. She then asked her to return with her passport because her computer system was down. She said that they were going to call her to bring her passport back. It has been a couple of months.....

I just checked the status of her visa and it says "refused". I also know that the "refused" status is part of the process. Any news or advice?

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1:23 pm November 21, 2021



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Hi hopping that y'all are ok... please i need some advices... We submitted our affidavit of support (k1) to the Consulate in Germany and my fianc did also overlooked the form just sealed it and send it over with others documents to the consulate .But some days later we found out after send him a copy of that AOF by email that a mistake was made with my date of birth and the city where i am working .So what can we do? because that affidavit of support is already at the consulate with those mistakes and his interview is next week.

- Should he call the consulate to fix it?

- Should he bring a new AOS while doing his pre-screening next week and tell the CO about those mistakes before the interview?

I will appreciate your advices.

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Self Employment and AOS
2:03 am March 10, 2021

Mr Tee

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I am forming an LLC to do ecommerce. It should be up and running around the 1st week of April 2021. Can I use that as proof of current employment when I am ready to sponsor my spouse? My 3-year tax returns are in excellent shape and well over the required income threshold. Thanks family!

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7:43 pm February 12, 2021

Mr Tee

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How is the timeline updated on our forum?

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I 130
12:07 pm February 9, 2021



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I'm a usa citizen, and I'm filing for mom i 130 online and they are asking to provide DNA test as a proof of the relationship. Do I need to submit it now with the application. Or it will be submitted later if uscis requires it. Meaning that should submit my i 130 without dna test, right?

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