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RFE Received (merged)
1:33 pm June 18, 2019



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Hello VJ Friends,

I received the RFE yesterday. To my surprise they are asking for a copy of my "Divorce Judgment" again. And I already sent it in my initial application. It is weird but I will just send them another copy.

I hope once they receive it they will quickly respond with a nice NOA2 (even though they say it might take up to 60 Days).

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RFE for K1 Petition
1:49 pm June 17, 2019



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Hello VJ Members,

Just for those wondering how many days it takes to get the RFE hard copy in the mail. I was notified on the Old Website (New Website is not updated yet) that a RFE was sent out on 6/13/2019. And today 6/17/2019 I received it in the mail (notified by Informed Delivery). Will keep you posted this afternoon when I get home as to what is requested. My NOA1 is 02/21/2019.

Just keep your heads up please. It is tough but the only way to survive this is to consider every day as a victory getting you closer to your loved one.


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Feb-2019 K1 Filer (RFE)
1:48 pm June 13, 2019



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Called USCIS this morning and was able to talk to a Tier 2 Officer. She told me they are working on a RFE to send me by end of this month (And that if I don't receive it by 7/1/2019 I should call). I am wondering what the RFE would be for so I am just here all anxious. But at least I know that my petition has been touched and I will be fine once I answer the RFE.

I am one of the unfortunate Feb-19 K1 Filers who are still waiting. I am happy for all of you who got your NOA2.

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