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US Immigration from Central African Republic

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Not divorced in USA with fiancÚ visa just filed
7:35 pm


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I filed for my fianc to come to us on k1 visa I recently found out I was still married after 20 years I am now getting this resolved. My application started December 28th for k1 fianc visa I contacted immigration they told me I need to wait to see if application is denied or they ask for records of divorce. Has anyone had experience with what might happen I do have appointment with immigration just to ask. Do you think as long as I get the divorce paper before the three to 5 months processing time this will be ok or will I have to start over

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Query of Sibling of USC in Chad, HCR (UN) registered refugee from CAR
11:52 pm


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Hello all,

BACKDROP: I brought my wife back from Africa with me 4 years ago; green card acquired w/out problems just over 3 years ago. I'm US Army so she could have applied for USC 2 months ago but I received orders just then and now we are relocated. She has to wait 3 months on location and will now be applying for USC in 2 months. We've been married for the duration and have a great relationship. I'm a USC by birth; wife should be a USC within months (hopefully).

PREDICAMENT: My wife's family is entirely displaced past 18 months because of war/strife in Central African Republic. My wife has a 26 year old brother (my brother in-law) now in N'Djamena which is the capital of Chad. He suffered a serious abdominal wound in the fleeing process (non penetrating, accidental) which has been stabilized surgically, but continues to have significant problems putting him at high risk given the extremely dilapidated infrastructure available for refugees. He is registered as a refugee by the UNHCR and the two of them are very close. There is a US consulate in N'Djamena.

QUESTION: Does anyone have any suggestions as to simplest and/or fastest way for one of us to sponsor him under any visa program. I'm an Army doc and brought my wife here because she is very good people. She speaks several languages and has already obtained 2 associate's degrees (with honors); they really will be great citizens. It's painful that to hear of her brother she's so close to possibly croaking because of the absolute abyss so much of Africa is in. Any and all suggestions welcome.


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Removal of conditions; green card to permanent w/out conditions (affidavit question)
3:34 am


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Simple question, but asking a few friends to write letters/affidavits on our behalf; uncertain if it's a big deal (or required) to ask our friends to get their letters notarized. I think they are referred to as affidavits so guessing they should be notarized but if any experts know that it is not required (my wife read on another forum it was not), please jot a short reply.

BTW, my wife received her conditional green card in August 2012 and we have joint lease, insurance, dependency (Retired Army), joint taxes, bank accounts etc so plenty of documentation and do not foresee any problems, just want all the paperwork squared away proper.

Any and all input most welcome,

thanks, pb

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Applying for conditions removal and citizenship at the same time for a spouse of a veteran: Possible?
11:22 pm


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Hi everyone,

Is it possible to apply for green card conditions removal and citizenship at the same time as a spouse of a U.S. veteran? Spouse is USC retired US Army and I am from Central African Republic. I was married in May 25th, 2012 and was granted conditional green card in August of 2012. The interviewer at the green card interview, said that I could apply for citizenship when I apply for the removal of conditions on my green card. Does anybody know if this is accurate?


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