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    [color="#4B0082"][b]Upon the mountain of that which would undo us, our banner shall fly highest.[/b][/color] [b][color="#000000"]:: K1 Timeline ::[/color][/b] [color="#000080"]2008-05-21: I-129F Sent 2008-06-06: I-129F NOA1 2008-08-25: I-129F RFE(s) 2008-09-10: I-129F NOA2! 2008-09-29: NVC Received 2008-10-22: Packet 3 Received! 2008-12-16: The Knight Visited the Magpie! 2008-12-18: Packet 3 Sent 2008-01-01: The Knight Went Home, boo 2009-01-15: Packet 4 Received! 2009-03-02: Visa Medical, which went well! Yay! 2009-03-30: Visa Interview at 9am, was put into AP. 2009-04-30: Out of AP :D 2009-05-05: Courier service took passport [b]2009-05-15: VISA IN HAND!![/b] 2009-05-18: Finished my exams! 2009-05-23: Bean's fit-to-fly medical 2009-05-25: IN THE USA! I'M HOME! [/color] [b][color="#000000"]:: Before-AOS Timeline ::[/color][/b] [color="#FF0000"] 2009-06-16: Received SSN 2009-06-18: Got my degree classification! Got a 2:1 =D. [color="#4169E1"][b]2009-07-04: Got MARRIED on Independance Day in San Antonio![/b][/color] [/color] [b][color="#000000"]:: AOS Timeline ::[/color][/b] [color="#006400"] 2009-08-06: Mailed off our AOS packet! 2009-08-10: USCIS received packet, no NOA1 yet 2009-08-14: NOA1, eeee! 2009-09-08: Walk-in biometrics, all done! 2009-09-15: Got AP, woo + driving permit 2009-09-25: Approved for EAD, waiting for card 2009-09-30: EAD in hand :D 2009-10-16: Received interview letter for 20th October :D [b]2009-10-20: AOS APPROVED![/b] [b]2009-10-30: Green card in hand! Weeeeeee![/b] [/color]
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