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  1. Hey all! Quick question. I am NOA1 Dec 12 and have not yet received my NOA2. A week from today I will be leaving home to spend July with my guy in the Netherlands. Should I update my address to my address abroad during that time? Should I keep it here and have a trusted friend keep an eye on the mail to send me the NOA2 when it arrives? Or does it not matter either way since I will likely receive my case number over the phone? I know it's recommended for him to have the physical paper for the interview, so any advice is appreciated!
  2. Absolutely correct. My post was missing one little word: "not." I am NOT the beneficiary. My other half has a lot of work ahead of him!!!
  3. Oh man, yikes. I'm not that bad. I've never called. I'm just excited because it's so close. Also, I'm the Beneficiary so my part is basically done! PHEW!
  4. I'm not sure what you mean, but I'm just hoping that checking around four times in a day isn't too much! I've been a once-a-day checker before now, but my godlike patience has run out and I'm surrendering!
  5. How many times do you have to log in to the new website before you're blocked for 24 hours? I'm NOA1 Dec 12 and it's getting to that point.......
  6. What's the length of time you guys are predicting for yourselves between NOA2 and arrival in the US? Of course it all depends on actual approval dates and flights and whatever else, but I'm curious as to what everyone's individual guesstimates are!
  7. Hey everyone! I've been silently following this thread since it's creation and now that it's SO CLOSE, I can't stay quiet and shy anymore. Thanks everyone for all the valuable info, scans, and even simply words of encouragement! Best of luck to everyone that we get those NOA2s as fast as humanly possible! WE ARE SO CLOSE!!!!!!