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  1. DV2017 Cut off

    Thanks, i submitted my DS260 back in the end of September so i suppose i just wait now for an interview appointment to come through? PS: do you suggest i start getting everything together for the interview ASAP? like medical, police check etc?
  2. DV2017 Cut off

    Hello, So just wanting some more clarification, the cut off numbers for the Oceania in April are showing current, does that mean that we're good to go? as in get prepared for an interview?
  3. DV2017 Cut off

    Hello Susie, as always your very helpful so your saying that i still stand a chance at this point even though the numbers getting interviewed at the moment are quite a lot lower than mine?
  4. DV2017 Cut off

    Hello, Im needing a bit of clarification with my DV Lottery winning. Is it possible to miss out on getting an appointment because of a cut off in september? i read that the 2017 cut off is in september of this year and as it stands I estimate my appointment to come up in either November or December going off the current bulliten statisics for the Oceania, my number is in the low 1300's and the bulliten is saying 800 for march and 850 for april....... please explain if i have this a little bit mixed up?