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  1. K1 Visa for Ghana to US

    You are welcome! You have to pay the fee at GT Bank first or you cannot make an appointment or fill out the DS160 form. You pay the medical fees on the day you go for the exam.
  2. K1 Visa for Ghana to US

    You have to prove that you have an appointment at the embassy for an interview to get your medical done. So, make your appointment first. But, make it out a few weeks to allow enough time to get your medical back (It can take up to 4 weeks). Print out the page that confirms your appointment after you make your appointment to take to the medical place. You have to have the sealed report with you when you go to the interview or they can deny your visa for that.
  3. K1 Visa for Ghana to US

    Wow. You have been waiting that long?!?!? That is HORRIBLE!!! What you need to do is pay the visa fee $265 US (double check to make sure that amount hasn't changed) at GT Bank and they will give you a receipt. Then go online and fill out the DS160. You will need your receipt number from GT Bank. Once you have the DS160 filled out go online and schedule your interview with the embassy. You will need the DS160 number they give you at the end of the application. You will need to print out your confirmation page of your scheduled appointment to take to your medical to get that done. It takes a few weeks to get the medical back so make sure you schedule your appointment out far enough to allow time for that. Also, make sure you go get your police report. If you have any questions please feel free to inbox me and I will be more than happy to help!!!
  4. K1 Visa for Ghana to US

    The embassy received our information from the NVC on March 23rd, 2017 and we still never got anything from them. We waited over two months before we just went ahead and did the medical, police report, ds160, etc on our own and scheduled our interview. Many people never received anything from the embassy nd did it this way and was approved. I even emailed them and they told me they would mail the information to my fiancé in Ghana. He never got anything. It has happened a lot to others in this forum for those in Ghana. If they have your information and you are wanting your interview sooner than later, I highly suggest doing everything on your own and scheduling the appointment. The letter they send you just states what you need to do to schedule your appointment aka medical, police report, ds160, fee at gt bank. Nothing special about the letter.
  5. K1 Visa for Ghana to US

    I have no idea. I would google the police department where your fiance lived in SA and try to contact them. Goodluck!
  6. K1 Visa for Ghana to US

    What do you mean by tests? You just need to do your medical exam, get police report and pay visa fee to schedule your interview.
  7. Youre so welcome!!
  8. I never needed my letter from the NVC for anything. She just needs the proof of appointment made for interview at the embassy for her medical. But this was for the embassy in Ghana. It may be different if in another country.
  9. Nothing about this process is non-stressful. I know your struggles! You are correct you have to schedule your appointment first before you can get your medicals done. I forgot that! Sorry!! Just schedule your interview out a few weeks to allow time for the medicals to come back. Ours took 2.5 weeks. Make sure though you fill out DS160 first and then schedule the interview. You can print out the confirmations to take to get medical done.
  10. We never got anything from the Ghana Embassy and a lot of others didn't either. We followed a lot of advice I got on this site and went ahead and scheduled our interview online and did everything else too. We were approved and had no issues. You have to pay the visa fee at GT Bank before you can schedule an interview. Pay the fee, fill out ds160 online, schedule interview online. You want to make sure you have your medical and police report first before you schedule the interview because it can take up to 4 weeks to get your medical back. Unless, there are appointments available a month or more out. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Goodluck!
  11. Ghana embassy

    Thank you! We went here to schedule our appointment for interview. https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/?language=English&country=Ghana
  12. Medicals in Ghana

    They asked my fiance for his confirmation when he went. He can always just go up there and see. It shouldnt take more than 2 weeks to get back.
  13. Medicals in Ghana

    Pay the fee first. On the recepit will be a recepit number. You need that to fill out the DS160 which is part of the visa process. Fill out DS160 then schedule interview appt because you will need ds160 confirmation to schedule interview. Then go to medical. You will get a confimation of Ds160 and interview once you fill them both out. Then take those to medical. Medical can take anywhere from a week to 4 weeks to get back so make sure you schedule your appt out far enough for that. Same with police report, it can take awhile to get back.
  14. Medicals in Ghana

    You can just walk in but you have to have your proof of appt at the embassy first before they will see you.
  15. Ghana embassy

    Thank you!