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  1. Hi, just a quick update. I did my combo interview 6/19/18. Took my spouse with me, but the officer said they don’t need him to go in with me. The worst that could have happened, happened. I forgot my green card and my marriage certificate at home. This is why women should not change out purses often!!! Luckily, I had my sister bring my green card to us since we lived an hour away! The officer said if I had submitted my marriage certificate twice in the past (I-485/I-130 and I-751) with my application package, then he’ll look through the file and that I won’t need to mail it in separately. We began with the standard procedures like swearing to tell the truth and then did the history test. He didn’t ask me anything about marriage nor for evidence. I offered my 3 years tax returns and new leasing agreement, which he was like “sure, I’ll go make a copy”. He did subtly asked me if my spouse had been to my country and I said yes and talked about our time there with my family and hope to visit again soon once all this is finalized. At the end of the interview, the officer gave me a piece of paper that said that I passed the test, but they can’t make a decision right now. I apologized for my lack of preparation. The officer was friendly and said he is only concerned about my date of eligibility since I’m applying under the 3-year basis. Which I told him it’s going on 4 years since I became a PR. Anyway, he told me they will communicate their decision via mail and to wait 1-2 weeks (Liessss! Haha). Here we are, 4 weeks later. Waiting. Minus the Independence holiday, ok... :/ On 7/16/18, I got the congratulations for approval to remove conditions. Half excited that something is moving, but since applying for N-400, I’ve just been focused on that. I guess this I-751 chapter of my journey is finally closed and just waiting for my new card in mail. Hope ya’ll are doing well! One more step to go! And congrats to those who became citizen!
  2. Yes, I am “in line” for scheduling. Hmm, I don’t know if this is fortunate that at least that is moving or unfortunate that the i751 is just dragged out again. Haha guess I can’t win it all. Thanks for the update GreatDane!
  3. Hi everyone, I have been periodically reading your posts. Congrats to those who have been approved!! I still haven’t received any word for my i751 and had filed for N400 on 9/5/2017. (Can someone please update my info? Thanks!) This process has just been a drag... but know they are now approaching our filing month!! Either way, they will have to make a decision soon for those of us with a pending case! Stay hopeful