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  1. drawbridgep

    Crazy quick processing.

    That's awesome. I was pretty much told I was approved and kinda hoped he would say "this way for the oath ceremony" but no such luck.
  2. drawbridgep

    Crazy quick processing.

    Hate to say it, but I'm sure that didn't hurt. Not sure how much vetting they do for Brits.
  3. drawbridgep

    Crazy quick processing.

    Paper. When I went for Biometrics I was the only person. For the interview maybe half a dozen.
  4. I filed for citizenship on February 1st and my oath is May 16th! Talk about crazy quick.
  5. drawbridgep

    Nervous about upcoming Interview

    Just back from mine. Very similar to your experience. Just asked 6 questions too. The hardest part was understanding my interviewer, who had a very heavy accent. But still 40 minutes from entering the building to leaving.
  6. Got my interview on Thursday. I've been using this site http://civicsquestions.com it covers all the questions, let's you put in your address to get to local answers, including Representatives. Even covers the spoken and with parts.
  7. drawbridgep

    Nervous about upcoming Interview

    Tell us how the interview went. Mine is on Thursday.