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  1. I-751 August 2016 Filers

    Thank you. We're going to get everything together this week and hopefully send it in. I've been reading fro some other peoples responses that when they submitted for an RFE, they never got an NOA confirming receipt? For those that submitted RFE to Green Card, what was the timeline? RFE to interview? Thank you to everyone in this forum. You are my sanity.
  2. I-751 August 2016 Filers

    Yes, I'm including health insurance and car insurance which is in both names, tax transcripts (which were originally submitted too). We gave them our car lease info that was in both names and they said that wasn't good enough - same with the tax transcripts of us filing jointly. I just hope that if everything we provide STILL isn't enough, that we at least get an interview so they can see we are a legitimate marriage.
  3. I-751 August 2016 Filers

    Thank you. We are on leases together for our old apartment but bank accounts or anything. I will make sure to submit that info with explanation's. No RFE for you, was that evidence sufficient then for them to process your GC? My husband and I are getting so nervous. We know that this is probably common, but we're freaking out.
  4. I-751 August 2016 Filers

    Hello, Very excited to see of all the approvals recently. I inquired about our case status as I believed it was outside of normal processing time and we just received an RFE - Request for Evidence to prove that we entered into a Good Faith Marriage. Has anyone else received something like this? I'm stressing out because we have sent in so much proof and documentation already and I'm concerned that they are still requesting more. We don't own any property and don't share our bank accounts as there has never been a need to. We do frequently transfer money to and from each of our accounts to each other if money is ever needed, but we aren't actually listed on each others accounts. Can anyone else give me any feedback as to how their process went if they got an RFE? Thanks so much!
  5. I-751 August 2016 Filers

    Hello, My husband is traveling to Australia and is worried about not being allowed back into the country. In 2013 he was denied entry into the US due to him overstaying his ESTA by 14 days. That triggered this whole processes for one year until he asked me to marry him and then the process of applying for his visa began. He received approval for his green card in September 2014 and came back to the US in October 2014. We know the I797C says that it serves as a one year extension of his conditional residency, but my husband is still nervous that they may give him a hard time because of the 2013 denial of entry. We have left the country before and have still been let back in, but is GC was not expired yet. Any guidance or reassurance would be a relief! Thank you! I-751 filed - 7/27/16 I-797C NOA - 8/5/16 Biometrics Appt NOA - 9/24/16 Biometrics Appt - 10/14/16