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IR1 Interview Questions...

#1 RabbitNYC



  • PipPipPip

Posted 04 January 2007 - 06:50 PM

Hey there... does anyone know what kinda questions they ask at the interview for an IR1 Visa in Bogota??? I just wanna be prepared, if u know what i mean, so if anyone has any info.. please hit me back!!!

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CR-1 / IR-1

2006-02-14 I-130 Sent
2006-02-16 NOA1
2006-08-03 NOA2
2006-08-28 Received DS-3032 / I-864 Bill
2006-09-06 Pay I-864 Bill
2006-09-20 Receive I-864 Package / Receive IV Bill
2006-10-10 Return I-864 Package
2006-10-10 Return Completed DS-3032 / Pay IV Bill
2006-11-01 Receive Instruction Package
2006-12-14 Case Completed at NVC
2006-12-19 Package Left From NVC
2006-12-24 Received By Embassy (Bogota, Colombia)
2007-02-02 Interview
2007-02-02 IR1 Visa Denied (Must call for 2nd Interview)
2007-03-28 2nd Interview
2007-03-28 Visa Approved!!! (IR1)
2007-03-28 Visa In Hand! (Same day Pick-up)
2007-03-29 Travel to Cali, Colombia
2007-04-18 Travel back to NYC

#2 dougyceci


    Senior Member

  • PipPipPipPipPip

Posted 04 January 2007 - 11:45 PM

I can't find it now but a VJer posted their interview experience in Bogota in November. I can't find it now but his name was "salgood". I will try to find it but I remember reading it.

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2006 09 06 Mailed I-130
2006 09 07 Rec'd at CA Center
2006 09 13
I-130 NOA1 receipt date
2006 11 22 NOA2, approved
2007 02 15 Case complete at NVC
2007 02 21 Case forwarded to Bogota Embassy
2007 02 23 Case received at Embassy
2007 04 12 Interview,VISA GRANTED

I-751- Removing Conditions

2009 04 08 Overnight Application
2009 04 09 Rec'd Application at CSC
2009 04 17 Rec'd NOA
2009 05 10 Called CSC - No Biometrix letter, 45 day Inquiry starts
2009 05 18 Made Info Pass appointment for June 2
2009 05 26 Rec'd response and copy of Bio Appt letter dated May 14, Appt on May 28
2009 05 27 Biometrix-walked in a day early and completed appointment
2009 06 01 Approved Conditions Removed (rec'd Congratulations letter on June 9)
2009 06 12 Touched but nothing changed on USCIS website

#3 bradyvicky


    Senior Member

  • PipPipPipPipPip

Posted 05 January 2007 - 07:53 AM

Here is a documented list of Embassy questions according to VJ and validated by some expereiences. It includes my rough Spanish translation of each to assist your spouse if they do not speak English:

What's your spouse's full name?
¿Cuál es nombre completo de tu esposo?

Has she used any other names?
¿Ella ha utilizado otros nombres?

How many times have you met?
¿Cuántas veces has resuelto?

When and how did you meet?
¿Cuándo y cómo satisficiste?

When was the last time you were together?
¿Cuándo era la vez última que estabas junta?

How long have you known each other?
¿Cuanto tiempo te has conocido?

How long were you together the last time?
¿Cuanto tiempo eras junto la vez última?

How long were you together any other time(s)?
¿Cuanto tiempo eras junto otra vez?

What are the dates of the visits?
¿Cuáles son las fechas de las visitas?

Where does s/he live? Which city and state?
¿Dónde s/he vive? ¿Qué ciudad y estado?

What does she do for a living?
¿Qué ella hace para una vida?

Where does he/she work?
¿Donde el/ella trabaja?

What is him/his/her phone number?
¿Cuál es él/su número de teléfono?

Do you know how long she has had this job?
¿Sabes cuánto tiempo ella ha tenido este trabajo?

Did you have a wedding ceremony? Please describe your wedding ceremony.
¿Tienes una ceremonia de la boda? Describir por favor tu ceremonia de la boda.

Are you planning to have a wedding at any time in the future?
¿Eres que planea tener una boda en cualquier momento en el futuro?

Questions about the pictures; when, where and who.
Preguntas sobre los cuadros; cuando, donde y quién.

Where will you live?
¿Dónde vivirás?

Have you met his/her family?
¿Has satisfecho a su familia?

Where do his/her parents live?
¿Dónde su padres viven?

How do you communicate with your spouse?
¿Cómo te comunicas con tu esposo?

How do you keep in touch?
¿Cómo te permaneces en contacto?

What language do you use to communicate with your spouse?
¿Qué lengua utilizas comunicar con tu esposo?

How many times do you two talk on the phone each month?
¿Cuántas veces la charla dos sobre telefonas cada mes?

Why did you want to marry him/her?
¿Por qué deseaste casar lo/la?

Do you want children?
¿Deseas a niños?

What do your parents think about your marriage?
¿Qué tus padres piensan de tu unión?

Do you love him/her?
¿Amas lo/la?

What do you love about him/her?
¿Qué amas sobre él/ella?

Does she own or rent his/her home?
¿Ella posee o alquila su hogar?

How much does s/he earn?
¿Cuánto s/he gana?

Write his/her full name.
Escribir tu nombre completo.

How do you spell her maiden name?
¿Cómo deletreas su nombre virginal?

Do you have any relatives/friends in the US?
¿Tienes parientes/amigos en los E.E.U.U.?

Where do they live?
¿Dónde viven?

What are your spouse's parents' names?
¿Cuáles son nombres de los padres de tu esposo?

Does your spouse have any brothers or sisters?
¿Tu esposo tiene hermanos o hermanas?

What are their names?
¿Cuáles son sus nombres?

What are your spouse's hobbies and interests?
¿Cuáles son manías e intereses de tu esposo?

What are your hobbies and interests?
¿Cuáles son tus manías e intereses?

What do you have in common?
¿Qué tienes en campo común?

Do you know if your spouse was married before? How many times?
¿Sabes si casaron a tu esposo antes? ¿Cuántas veces?

When did she divorce his/her ex-spouse/husband?
¿Cuándo ella divorció a su ex-esposo/marido?

Does she have any children?
¿Ella/El tiene niños?

Were you married before?
¿Te casaron antes?

What is your spouse's religious background?
¿Cuál es fondo religioso de tu esposo?

Does your spouse speak and understand your language?
¿Tu esposo habla y entiende tu lengua?

Why do you want to come to the United States?
¿Por qué deseas venir a los Estados Unidos?

Do you have children?
¿Tienes niños?

Do you speak and understand your spouse's native language?
¿Hablas y entiendes la lengua materna de tu esposo?

Where and when were you engaged?
¿Dónde y cuándo te contrataron?

What do you do for a living?
¿Qué haces para una vida?

Where do you work?
¿Dónde trabajas?

What do you plan to do once you are in the US?
¿Qué planeas hacerte una vez estás en los E.E.U.U.?

Do you plan to work in the US?
¿Planeas trabajar en los E.E.U.U.?

Do you plan to study in the US?
¿Planeas estudiar en los E.E.U.U.?

What company does she work for and what is him/his/her title?
¿Para qué compañía ella trabaja y cuál es él/su título?

What is his/her favorite food?
¿Cuál es su alimento preferido?

Where did s/he work in the past and for how long?
¿Dónde s/he trabajó en el pasado y para cuánto tiempo?

What color are your spouse's eyes?
¿Qué color es ojos de tu esposo?

What color is your spouse's hair?
¿Qué color es pelo de tu esposo?

Did you prepare the forms yourself?
¿Preparaste las formas tú mismo?

Which university did s/he graduate from?
¿Qué universidad s/he graduó?

Which subjects has s/he studied?
¿Qué temas s/he ha estudiado?

Have you been in the military?
¿Has estado en los militares?

Who is the petitioner?
¿Quién es el solicitante?

Please tell me more about your spouse.
Por favor decirme más sobre tu esposo.

Do you plan to stay in the U.S. forever?
¿Planeas permanecer en los E.E.U.U. por siempre?
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Posted Image Posted Image

You can visit us at: www.BradAndVicky.com

CR-1 Process (I-130)
06/02/06 - I-130 received @ USCIS Texas Service Center
06/26/06 - NOA1 received, Dated 6/22 & check cashed
08/29/06 - Approved by email - 91 DAYS!!!
09/05/06 - NOA2 received by mail
09/20/06 - NVC assigned Case #
10/02/06 - DS3032 & AOS Fee Bill Generated
10/04/06 - DS3032 Shortcut Emailed & AOS Fee Bill Shortcut Sent
10/06/06 - Received email acceptance of DS3032
10/18/06 - Received & Returned IV Fee Bill
10/20/06 - I-864 Package Generated, Shorcut Sent
11/01/06 - DS-230 Package Generated, Shortcut Sent
12/01/06 - Case Complete!!!
12/07/06 - Case sent to US Embassy, Bogota
01/15/07 - Received packet from Bogota!
01/30/07 - Bogota Interview - Approved! (visa received same day)
02/08/07 - Welcome to the E.U. mi Amor!

#4 DIM



  • Pip

Posted 31 August 2011 - 04:44 PM

hi there... i have a question... Can petitioner enter the embassy for the IR-1 interview, or only applicants are allowed?
thank you for your help...
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#5 kali1229


    Senior Member

  • PipPipPipPipPip

Posted 31 August 2011 - 09:56 PM

Petitioner can definitely enter the U.S embassy!

Hey there... does anyone know what kinda questions they ask at the interview for an IR1 Visa in Bogota??? I just wanna be prepared, if u know what i mean, so if anyone has any info.. please hit me back!!!


Check the "Reviews: Embassy/USCIS & POE" Find Colombia and you will read a lot of experiences that will help you get ready for your interview. I wish you the best!
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Married: 12/29/2008

I-130 Sent : 11/05/2010
I-130 NOA1 :11/19/2010
I-130 NOA2 :05/20/2011
182 days - No RFE's

Received : 06/08/2011
DS-3032 / I-864 Bill : 06/08/2011
Receive I-864 Package : 06/10/2011
Completed DS-3032 : 06/11/2011 (NVC received 06/16/2011)
Pay I-864 Bill : 06/23/2011
Pay IV Bill : 07/22/2011
Return Completed I-864 & IV : 07/25/2011
NVC received: 07/27/2011
NVC RFE: 08/09/11
NVC RFE sent/NVC Received: 08/10/2011--08/12/2011
False RFE for IV: 08/10/11
False RFE for previous RFE: 08/11/11 & 08/14/2011
NVC Reviewed IV: 08/11/2011
SIF and Case Complete : 08/19/2011
Interview Date Set: 09/30/2011

Medical: 11/11/2011
Interview: 11/16/2011 *APPROVED*
Visa Received: 11/21/11 (arrived on 3rd business day)
POE: 12/02/2011
Welcome Letter & SSN Arrived: 12/12/11
2nd Welcome Letter & 10-year GC Arrived: 12/17/11
-Happily Ever After-

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