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  1. I really do understand that. My reasons are for my child who wasn't planned and actually was somewhat of a miracle because of the precautions taken to prevent him. But he is here and he is loved. I think that it doesn't hurt to try but yes I see what you mean about the overall process. There are better ways for people to communicate than to to talk down to someone. Advice is great, but sometimes you have to think before you speak. Naes. You are always helpful to everyone here and everyone is extremely grateful for you, I'm sure. I appreciate your opinion and advice but I still went for the expedite in hopes I might get it and my son can be with his father and we can finally start a life without a financial burden on all our shoulders. My request in the end was denied but I'm glad I tried because if I hadn't. I would have sat here thinking about doing it for the next 2 to 3 months. I just can't wait for this whole process to be over. You are all good people but I am getting tired of the forums stalking 😂😂 good luck everyone. Our time is coming. This will be our year!!
  2. I posted a thread about my expedite I requested and 90% of the people we're really rude. It's actually really sad. We're supposed to lift each other up but yet some people want to break people's spirit. It's funny to me to because a lot of then people who were giving me rude comments were people who only had to wait 50 to 90 days for their approval
  3. I got an alert from a USCIS app that I use and it said my status was changed but it changed to the same status.... Any idea what happened or why it does that? I know it's a long shot but I'm confused...
  4. Hi guys. I'm basically a single mother while my fiance is still not here. (Please don't give advice as to why we had a child while not living together. Precautions were taken but it happened) anyways. Childcare is very very expensive here in Seattle. For my son who is 14 months old, average daycare is anywhere between 1900 and 2800. I make enough money to support but I can't afford daycare without being almost broke.. Am I allowed to get state help or will that ruin my case? Has anyone had any experience with this? Thank you in advance.
  5. Unfortunately he is not able to visit. He has been denied a visitor visa and esta. He doesn't not have strong homeland ties. Becoming pregnant was the last thing we needed or wanted but even through precautionary measures it still happened. I eoudlmt change it for the world. When applying for the k1. I was told that the cr1 takes much longer and costs the same. To get married in Ireland you have to give 3 months notice and have some sort of interview. I can't afford to take that much time from work. This is our best option I believe. Thank you for your honest opinion. I haven't requested anything yet and I don't know if I will but it never hurts to ask for advice. Also I'm not worried about the AOS fee or him being here and not working. I already have the aos fee and he will be able to take care of our son instead of sending him to daycare.
  6. Hi fellow k1'rs I was thinking about requesting for an expedite on our petition but I don't know if I have any merit here. So here is my situation. Please give me advice and don't worry about telling me no because I am asking for advice We're are into day 112 of our visa which isn't ideal but not terrible processing times. We have a son together who lives here in the US with me. Our son is 1 year old and I currently am trying to get him into daycare so that I can continue to work at my job full time. Daycare here in washington state cost a $2,000.00 a month. Currently I'm having family watch him but they will not be able to watch him much longer. After paying daycare I will be left with little money to just survive. I do make enough for my visa and for my aos. But if you took out the 24000 a year that daycare would take from me brings my yearly salary way down. Once my fiance gets here he will be able to take care of our son while I work until he is able to go to work himself and the cost of daycare split between the two of us would be a much lighter load. Do you think this is enough reason for an expedite? Or am I just SOL. Also yes my son is his. We've been doing the travelling back and forth even through pregnancy. What kind if documents would be good to give them if they asked for additional information. Also I cannot get state help for day care or anything like that because that would make me look like I cannot support the 3 of us. Thanks in advance. I appreciate every response. Good or bad.
  7. They have updated the processing times back to may 1st for the California service center
  8. I found this on my uscis notification app.... Are they processing July cases or is this fake?
  9. He lives here in the United States with me. My petition was received and was routed to csc
  10. Thank you. Just want my family together. Hopeful for a smooth and fast processing
  11. Hello fellow filers, I have sent off my k1 visa for my fiance and I wanted to see if anyone has been in my same shoes. My fiance and I have a son. He lives here in the US with me and is 10 months old. So you think my visa will process faster or slower?