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  1. Given the fact that your friend has worked with a fake SSN might be a possibility of not being approved. The immigration officer (who look at your friend's I-601) might feel that your friend has 'claimed US Citizen' when he/she isn't one. I was made to file for an I-601 solely due to an F-1 overstay, but I have never worked under a fake SSN. I would highly recommend you to hire an attorney because an I-601 is a serious matter and has a complicated process. If not enough information given, your friend might not get approved even with strong evidence of hardship on USC.
  2. I know that I-601 can be DIY, but I would highly advise you to hire an attorney, because an I-601 is very serious, so necessary professional help should require.
  3. When my husband filed for me, all we provided were our marriage certificate, both of our G325 and two 2x2" photo for ourselves and we got approved.
  4. I just means that the fees have been received by the NVC.
  5. From what I can tell, you are petitioning for your husband to immigrate to the US, and that your dad is joint sponsor. You should find someone else to help and file for an I-864. However, if you are using assets, then you can let the CO know during the interview that you are using assets, since the NVC doesn't look at your assets. Since you didn't file taxes, you should provide a written statement in regards to why you haven't filed taxes, which is you were going to college and didn't have a job.
  6. My attorney just got back to me, his mother's case would help, because my husband can prove that he will experience financial hardship if I don't come back!!
  7. The USCIS has record that he wasn't in the US for three years because he was here.
  8. well, he is also providing financial care for her too, because his dad is in prison, so if he can prove that he will suffer financial hardship if I am made inadmissible, then the USCIS will consider that? I am also guessing that her medical reports and care are necessary, then I should also submit it along with my I-601?
  9. My husband currently is living with his mother, and she has just gotten cancer treatment, so the proof would be that I will need to be around her all the time to provide care. She is also indicating that she will need my help to take care of her 2 children who are under 18, because she can't take care of herself well enough. My husband is also providing a letter saying that he needs me there to be with him, because he is concern about the political issues that he experience while he lived in Hong Kong with me, as well as other reasons.
  10. Yes I know. the I-601 form, a letter from my husband, a birth certificate from him proving relationship with his mother, his mother's doctors' notes and a letter from her too.
  11. True. I will call an attorney during open hours.
  12. Ok. I really think that she was pissed off and she wanted to go for lunch. The person whom she interviewed before me had illegally presented in the US for 5 years, became a prostitute and got convicted twice, and the girl yelled at the interviewer too.
  13. Should I contact an Immigration attorney for this? I am thinking I should.
  14. I fell out of status... I have to file for an I-601. The person who got interviewed right before me pissed her off quite a bit, so I ended up taking a hit for it.
  15. So I went for my interview today, and because I have overstayed my F-1 status before, I was asked to file for an I-601. My husband and I have plenty of reasons to give to the USCIS for extreme hardship, but I would just like to ask, is my husband (the USC) the one who write the letter?