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    Been together for 7 wonderful years now. We have a beautiful little girl. And I finally was able to start the I-129F process, and almost about ready to start the CRBA process for our child. Hopefully everything falls into place quickly and without much stress! Edit: 10 wonderful years, and going strong :)

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  1. How do I go about getting this stamp?
  2. When filing the removal of conditions, you receive a letter saying something to the effect of: Your Green Card is extended for a year. I cannot find that letter, and we have an incoming trip to Dominican Republic in July. I filed in the end of August and had the Biometric done around the middle of September. We have yet to receive anything from them, so I don't know if we will receive the new Green Card before we leave or not. What can we do? Can we request another letter from USCIS about the extension of the expired Green Card or?
  3. All this waiting is agonizing! We filed on 9/11/2015 and her Biometric was done on the 10/01/2015.
  4. Good news everyone! My wife did the walk-in, and they took care of her. Apparently it depends on the amount of people there, had it been booked, they would have rescheduled her. She says it was fast, and very few people were there. I am extremely excited that they took care of her because this entire immigration process is stressful. I want to thank everyone who chimed in and gave helpful advice. I need to learn to have way more patience. Having a leveled head through all of this is VERY important, and working on things together is better than going at it alone. Lesson learned!
  5. Yes I was mad, more worry than mad. I have since calmed down and apologised to my wife. I have asked her to get ready to go tomorrow. Hopefully they will take care of her or re-schedule Thank you for the advice my friend.
  6. My $%@%# wife failed to give me/notify me about the arrival of her Biometrics appointment. It was yesterday the 29th. I JUST found out about it as I was looking through a bunch of documents to figure out which to dispose of (while cleaning). How bad is this? What can be done to setup a new appointment? Or have we lost this request/money?