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  1. Update my time line, Aug 01st interview Chicago Field Office. All the best guys who are also going to appear for the interviews soon
  2. Hello, GoChicago! funny that you asked..i just noticed today the status changed to we scheduled your interview on June 26th ,,, hoping I get the letter with the date in next few days so I can update the status. Did you get any update yet on your case?
  3. congrats to those who made it to the RED (citizenship ) ...its a great feeling..
  4. it seems Chicago FO is having a long wait... no update on my case since Mar 03, since then it still says as of today on March 3rd we started the scheduling process of your interview ....and will notify you. When they say we started scheduling interview process does it mean the Background check is DONE or has started? anyone know?
  5. dont they refund the money if its rejected? like not even pass basic requirement (signature)...
  6. I just got updated today Inline for interview! good luck to all hope we get through this journey soon! Case Is In Line For An Interview On March 3, 2017, we started the interview scheduling process for your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization , Receipt Number NBC*. We will send you an interview notice. Please follow any instructions in the notice. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.
  7. Almost close to a month's time, our NOA was Feb 6th and FP scheduled on Feb 13th for FP appointment on March 1st.
  8. There has to be some sort of notification, or how else would Jonathan here mention he got the In line notification ? and the date is after several days after FP...so i am waiting for him to reply & confirm...
  9. Hey Jonathan, congrats, did you sign up for E notifications via G1145 text / or email? Thats fast...did you also get paper copy of the Inline status yet?
  10. Yes you are correct for the most part, but this is USCIS you never know..i heard some friends getting IOE recently cant confirm..
  11. The reason for mentioning the NBC*, IOE , etc is so we can know / track which case numbers based on the NBC etc are being processed faster than others. Some NBC* from May got passport by Dec 2016, but others with IOE are still waiting for interview dates..
  12. Hello All Feb Filers! had my fingerprint at naperville ASC today. I noticed while the pages were updated, someone has removed the NBC / IOE / etc numbers PLEASE mention those, the reason is that some IOE filers from August / Sept are still stuck at FP stage. not that this should be an issue now but its helpful. I am NBC* so please also ensure you update your caes number initials..thanks and good luck to all
  13. Updated my FP date , march 1st 2017 ...seems fast to me. I had thought of trying an early walkin but with barely 12 days not worth the hassle :P.. good luck all..lets hope this final leg of our journey goes by quickly Also Please mention if you are IOE, NBC* etc . I went through previous threads etc and it seems IOE* are stuck hopefully new N 400 applications are not assigned IOE numbers or crapshoot as USCIS director has on Dec 2016 asked all IOE application oath ceremony and other stuff to be on suspension due to some FBI name check issue..NBC* numbers and others are all fine.