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Immigration Timeline

  1. Not a problem. You technically just need your GC to reenter the United States.
  2. There is nothing anyone here can tell you outside the notice you received. She maybe technically on administrative processing which requires in depth security checks.
  3. Passport card received. They will not allow us to open a case on the lost Naturalization Certificate until 12/28/15. They sent us the photocopy back, but not the original. That's just plain sad. I hope they are able to rectify this asap. This was why I decided to just go to a passport agency and get mine done within hours. I just wanted to be done with all the anxiety and horror stories that touch the heart.
  4. Applied for expedited service at Houston passport agency on 12/16 Picked up today 12/17. Thanks
  5. The clown is just seeking recognition. The bill would never become law or even make it out of the committee. Knee jerk reaction doesn't ever fix anything.
  6. Thanks Kash2011 and for the extraordinary work you guys do on VJ. Happy holidays!
  7. He will be taken to secondary inspection for further processing. If there is no crowd in the secondary location he should be out within minutes. Nothing to worry about.
  8. Oath ceremony was an anticlimax. 1,472 individuals from over 102 countries took the oath. It was solemn apart from the one hour delay by the judge. I went to the passport agency afterwards and applied for a passport. I'm scheduled to pickup by 2:30pm tomorrow the 17th. I guess that concludes a journey that began in December, 2011. I wish everyone still waiting the very best and to the rest of VJ members a happy holiday. I'll definitely be checking in to help newbies from time to time. Cheers!????
  9. Nobody is issued a K1 without an interview. You may get your GC approved without an interview on the other hand. Politicians love jumping on the next shiny object without ever actually addressing the real issues. This is only making news until the next tragedy and we repeat the same blame game
  10. Interview was successful. Oath Letter received on the spot for 12/16/2015. The IO was extremely jovial from the get go and it never really felt like an interview. Got in at 9:40am for a 10:10am appointment. I was called at 10:11 and taken to the back room. These are the questions. 1. Who was the first President? 2. What is one thing Benjamin Franklin is famous for? 3. What movement tried to end racial discrimination 4. Who is the governor of your state 5 The Federalist Papers supported the passage of the U.S Constitution. Name one of the writers 6. Name one American indian tribe I was told to read: When do we celebrate Presidents' day ? Write: Presidents' Day is celebrated in February
  11. Does anyone find it odd that the second largest shareholder of faux news is Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal who also owns faux news arabic... faux news America says hate and fear muslims and faux news Arabic says hate and fear America.... What comes from all that hate and fear??? WARS FOR PROFIT!!
  12. Until the United States and her allies decides to sanction the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia absolutely nothing will change. Saudi Arabia has been exporting wahaabism -an extreme form of Islam practiced by ISIS for decades . Yet, nobody seems to mention these folks. We here people jump on the Syrian bandwagon. The 9/11 hijackers were primarily Saudis. Osama Bin laden was a Saudi national. Has anyone on this thread heard any politician propose legislation to limit the inflow of Saudi citizens? Please, post the link here. All these noise about Syrian refugees is simply smoke and mirrors and I am sick and tired of it.