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  1. medical booked!

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    2. W Mark and Carol

      W Mark and Carol

      What's your date? We're right about the same timeline...

      Medical booked 20th June..

    3. Sarah&Todd


      medical was on 10th June... wasnt the most fun thing in the world... it felt like i was in some kind of psych ward! The nurse that gives you your jabs is really lovely... not much of a fan of the lady who just touches you without saying what she is doing before hand... oh and takes your blood with no warning! other than that... no prob ;)

      Oh and if you are at the Bentnick building then i suggest you get there about 2 hours before hand... it takes a while to find because it's ...

    4. Sarah&Todd


      tucked away behind oxford street. There is a costa coffee shop near by that you can hang out in and get your papers organised if you are early

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