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  1. Hi Everyone.. just wanna ask a question about co-sponsoring cos I have me a cousin who has a pending case In Manila US Embassy. The Consular officer iis asking for a co-sponsor, my question is....is it okay that my husband will be the co-sponsor... what are the procedures to be the co-sponsor? does it involved spending money?

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      I can tell you what i know of it. Your husband must make enough to cover his household and the person being sponsored. He must make 125% more then the poverty level for household. He just needs to fill out a I-134 with his tax transcripts. There is no money involved but being a co sponsor then makes you responsible for them for 10 years. What we did was my fiancee at time came over with a cosponsor and when we did AOS then it transferred to me as I made enough once we applied for that. Do an ...

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      do a advanced search in the forums there are tons of posts that give great information on this subject!