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    We met in Dominican Republic in 2007. We began our visa journey in October 2010 and hoping for a speedy response! We are ready to spend our lives together!!!

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  1. waiting for my fiance to recieve his packet. I was told by the visa specialist that an interview date is given after he returns the forms from the packet just sent to him on April 27th. hm??

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    2. Adry&Edue


      Thank you guys for the info. I'm going to keep calling because I trust you guys more than the actual "specialists"!!! lol

    3. OneLove <3

      OneLove <3

      yes the "specialist" really dont know anything especially when it comes to the K1 petition they told me my fiance will receive a packet 3 and then a few days later said yes we received packet 3 blah blah blah, just keep calling on DTTUSA website it says to call between the 15th and 20th of the month for an interview date.

    4. MrsAmancio


      my fiance got packet 4 which included the interview date and instructions.....thats all u need and it should be on the way soon..dont worry

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