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    We met in Florida on dec 2009 while I was doing and exchange program...he worked at the kitchen of the hotel and I was a Concierge page, we start dating on 23th of january we went out for pizza and it was a magical night we could never be apart since then.
    On march I had to come back to Chile, I had to go back to work and to finish my major, after a few months separate from each other he decided to move to Chile, and we lived here for a year. Unfortunatly he had to come back to the USA. He propuse to me on sept 10th and we send our docs on 29th and we are waiting for my visa, it is a long waiting we havent been apart for too longer than 4 months and with all this we will have to be for at least 6 :(

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  1. quiero mi pasaporte... ya ha pasado una semana :( I am so tired of waiting

    1. batya


      Te entiendo :) My case is different but all the waitings is soooo frustrating!

    2. Patty♥Paul


      todavia no??? bueno DHL se demora entre 7 a 10 dias habiles...una lata

    3. Jota & Craig

      Jota & Craig

      sip pucha necesito que me llegue pronto por que trabajo hasta el viernes y di la dirección de mi trabajo cuek :P y ya tengo el pasaje comprado para el 19 :P

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