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  1. my bubba was at his interview at 8 a.m and was out of there at about half past 10 ! except he's worrying. the little chinese lady took his passport pics from the UK and didn't take his u.s. sized ones. what should he do? he's really worried and we have bad enough luck as it is. oh and if you're wondering. we're APPROVED !!!!!

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    2. kristinanddan09


      really? ahhh, jeez oh petes. well I'm glad she found them !!! i'm just nervous about the pp pictures. I told him to call but noo he won't. I'm tempted too but its so expensive :( guess we'll have to wait and see. and thanks everyone!

    3. Dan & Jenni

      Dan & Jenni

      no point in calling Kristin because the person you talk to will be in scotland and will know less than you. if there is a problem they will request new photos but i looked at the photo in my visa and it is smaller than the one in my UK passport so it might not be a problem anyway

    4. kristinanddan09


      alright, thank you for the calming of my nerves :)

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