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    K-1 Visa
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    Dominican Republic
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    We met july 27th 2009 on serenity beach, in D.R. We hope to start our Visa process in NOV! As of 2/2016 still married,immigrated our daughter on a K-2 and our SIL on a j visa and added another daughter.

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  1. Visa in hand. Yay!

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    2. KRubia


      congrats!!! excited for you. at what point did you start calling (how many days after the interview) I'd like tips in case this happens to us in the future....

    3. Carol & Lenin

      Carol & Lenin

      i caled a week out but it took over 20 days for them to issue the visa.

    4. KRubia


      thanks for the info! good luck in the rest of your journey!