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    Wow guys haven't been here in a while it turns out things have been more difficult than expected with getting my future stepdaughter's father to sign for her permission to travel to the USA with her mom as a result its been very hard for my girl to decide to leave leaving her daughter behind with her parents . After thinking things over and over she finally made the difficult choice of traveling to USA so we can get married before her K1 visa expires on Jan 17. We are crossing our fingers and hoping that in the coming months after we get married and I file for AOS,EA and AP and she travels back to China to spend a few months with her daughter and her parents she can somehow get her ex-husband to grant her permission for the baby to travel back with her to USA. My girl received her K1 approval on July 21 2010 , if I'm not mistaken we have until July 21 2012 to get the visa stamped on the child's passport without any further questions . My girl will arrive JFK airport in New York on 12-26-2011 , couldn't ask for a better Christmas gift !

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  1. "Guangzhou sent out OLD DS-230 " 02-2009 ....Fill in the " Up to date DS-230 Part I " 02-2010......:blink: I really don't understand how an Embassy could mail your Beneficiary an out of date DS-230 Part I . According to what I've read before old versions are obsolete ! So keep an eye out for this . I've read of cases where people who have filled out the old versions and later had to revise them with the new version because they were told by the Embas...

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      Russ and Jie

      That is excellent advice! Thank you, and Good luck on your interview!

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