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    My husband and I met online when we were 14 years old. I am from South Florida and my Husband is from Newfoundland, Canada. Though we were young, my thoughts of him never ceased my mind as I was growing up. Certain times I even despised him! Later on in my life, we both had something life changing happen in our life's and we both became a support for one another. Years went by and it became more serious until we finally realized we were actually in love without even knowing it. Since 2002 we have been together and have fought with our families to prove that we love eachother. After all the fighting, we are finally together and our families have accepted us and love us both. He has inspired my life and my artwork as I have inspired him to make more of himself. We both aspire to be together and raise a family together. Our only goal is to simply be together PERMANENTLY instead of to always have to say goodbye in the middle of an airport. To ease the ache of missing one another, we play World of Warcraft or random FPS games (that HE likes) and spend hours on the phone or drawing online together.

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  1. I miss my Newfie something awful... I'm not nearly as far as anyone else has waited on here. ;_;

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