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  1. Good Morning VJ, i have a question. Now that i have recieved my NOA2 what do i do next? What info should i be getting together? Is there anything i need to send to my fiance' or anything he needs to send to me? I want to be ready for my next step. Thanks for all who responds

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    2. WaitingToExhale


      first of all congrats! i'm late i kno but i have'nt been around for a while...u kno my worries :( so dont want to rain on any parades..

    3. Kelly and Ray

      Kelly and Ray

      aw thats ok Cam i understand. have you heard any news yet?

    4. WaitingToExhale


      nothing yet kell but the senators office promised an answer tomorow and the 60 days vsc said will be up in 11 days so i'm praying real hard...