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  1. finally recieved my approval notice! now it looks like a 10 month average wait for an interview?? does anyone know?

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    2. Beau & Digna

      Beau & Digna

      Our passport took about a week to receive in Havana, but in Guantanamo it takes about 2 weeks for her sons (they send the info to Santiago I gather). You can then call the interview scheduling number at the US Interest Section in Cuba at 866-374-1769. If a woman (Mary) answers, just hang up and try again (ja ja) until you get the guy that answers. He will schedule you, but you will need the passport number for him I think. Read this link: http://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/292749-no...

    3. Beau & Digna
    4. valexer


      i just got this response. i don't understand my way around this site AT ALL!! no mary, eh? haha. so we have been waiting for 3 weeks now for the passport. any day now, right??? :) it feels like i probably wont get a date until like january at this point. ugh. thanks for the help. wish i had seen it earlier. it was hiding.