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    Brian had his first position as a music teacher in the Magnet School where Aurore was sent to complete her internship as a French intern teacher.
    Aurore started looking at Brian on the 3rd day of the school year and Brian used to walk by her classroom a lot but they were both very shy ! After a few weeks of some "Hi" in the hall and in the teachers' lounge, they decided it was time to talk a little more and Brian invited Aurore to their first date. They have been really really happy since then and decided they wanted to spend their lifetime loving each other.

    Brian proposed in Paris, under the Eiffel Tower, on August 5. Aurore spends a lot of time looking at the incredible engagement ring every day !
    Since Aurore can't travel before a while, they have Skype rendez-vous everyday but they miss each other A LOT. They kind of live in hell a little bit everyday, far from one another, but they both know they're more than worth it !
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