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    I'm French. He is the USC
    We met in London in Summer 2008
    We got engaged on 08/06/10
    My fiance went back to the US on 08/15/10
    Got approved in June 2011 and flew on July, 4th.
    We got married in August 2011...

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  1. Visa APPROVED!!! YAY!!!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Tanoushka


      Thank you guys!!!

      @sis&sull: it was really easy laid back experience. I had an appointment at 8am but was stuck there for 3 loooooooong boring hours ^^

      @Patricklove: when is it?

    3. LaRoja1110
    4. W Mark and Carol

      W Mark and Carol

      congratulations :-) We're so looking forward to such a day ...

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