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    On the 24, January 2009 while in the club in North Palm Beach, chilling an having a good time with my friends I saw the breathtaking beautiful girl sitting an having fun with her self, she was goofing around to the song that was playing so each time she makes a move she look if anyone was seeing and every time our eyes makes contact, I watch her almost all night b4 I got the courage to go over and say hi, close to the lass call I did an ask her for a dance, we talk gave her my number , here is the funny part (I GAVE HER MY NUMBER ON A NAPKIN, CAUSE SHE LEFT HER PHONE IN THE CAR, SO ALL IN MY MIND THEIR IT GOES FROM MY HAND TO THE TRASH) lol...:) but funny that never happen, guess cupid had another plan for us, cause she call about 4 days after and from their on its just crazy LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE>.......:) God Bless Our Relationship- I LOVE YOU Nic. :)

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  1. All going good so far thanks to God and all the VJ members, we are just waiting on packet4 now to know our interview date..:)

    1. val_mc


      So far, so good! Next up is interview date!