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    Mike and I have know each other for some 20plus years. We were neighbors but never really paid much attention to each other until one summer when we had to decorate our street for an upcoming fiesta. That's when we started to notice each other and became friends. I was 16 he was 18. We eventually became sweethearts but since we were still young at that time our families disapproved of the relationship and wanted us to focus on our studies. For a time we were able to handle and held on to each other. But then the time came when we started to drift apart. We didn't had a formal break up we just went on our separate ways. We didn't knew anything anymore about each other until last year on Facebook. We started conversing and as fate would have it, we fell in love all over again. He came home on the eve of my birthday, that was last May 2010. We spent two weeks together and it was the best time of our lives. Though it has been 20 years of being apart, the feeling was just like yesterday when we last held on to each other. Today, as we looked back to all the years that we were apart it brought us to the realization that God is really amazing. He will always find ways for two people destined to be together for lifetime to be with each other. It it's meant to be then it's fate, if it's fate then it's worth the wait....I miss him everyday but I know that each day of being apart is one day closer to being together forever.......

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  1. 62 days since NOA1....still counting...

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    2. mike and gen

      mike and gen

      oo nakita ko nga..maliit lang pero meron na ang sept. bakit nga ganun? ang august wala pa...

    3. clay and roan

      clay and roan

      ok lang yan gen wait nlang tayo kunti drating din yan,,oi malpit lang vegas sa california baka oneday mgkita tayo hehe plan nmin clay punta vegas pag andon na ako...

    4. pikpakboom


      malapit na yan

      oneday magugulat ka na lang..ang pinaka magiging excited sa buhay mo yong ma approved ka maiiyak ka sa kaligayahan naranasan ko yon,,malapit ka na..patient lang talga lahat tayo nakaranas na mag anatay...ako nga nagka RFE pa