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    Our story is rather simple - my husband and I met online. We chatted for a couple months, then decided to meet in person. Since that day, we have spent almost every weekend together. We got engaged over Easter 2009, and married in September 2009. We had to wait for our marriage certificate before we could apply...but once we got it, we sent of our I-130 right away. We did our application entirely on our own - no lawyers were involved. USCIS received our application on December 3, 2009 and we have been waiting ever since.

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  1. 12 days until my interview! Wow!

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    2. Sara Jane

      Sara Jane

      I'm sure it will work out exactly the way you want. I mean...as long as you bring what they asked for and don't give them a hard time, what are the chances that they would deny you? Pretty slim, I think! They wouldn't go through all of this work to just turn you away at the last minute. In 7 days and 2 hours you will be the happiest girl in Montreal :)

    3. Canadiandggal


      That is the outcome I am truly hoping for. Thanks :)

    4. Sara Jane

      Sara Jane

      Don't worry! It will turn out great.