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    We met(online)..fell in love..met in person..stayed in love...now trying to fulfill our ultimate dream to be together soon...still very so much in love..will be in love with each other until onwards...With God's grace and guidance,putting him @ the center of everything we do,,,the rest will be part of our His/Herstory...God bless us all!!

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  1. We got our NOA2 letter last July 18,2010(but notice said it was approved July 12,2010)...what would be next??..My fiance would be sending me documents prior to my upcoming interview..what are the things he need to send me??..are there still things he need to wait from the NVC before he send me the documents i needed??...we are confused now...we need advice..thanks..

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    2. Phil& Wi

      Phil& Wi

      Hello Msam!ahm, just wait the NVC letter is next! your fiancee wil receive it> u will get the USEM letter after the NVC! just patiently wait! hapi journey and God bless

    3. pookaphilus


      @John&Marie..thanks sis..is it necessary for me to have a parent's consent letter to present at the seminar..i read a forum here that they might ask you for a consent letter during the seminar for those who are below 24 yrs old..i will just turn 24 this december..hehehe....be blessed!

    4. pookaphilus


      @Phil&Wi...thanks as well..we are indeed waiting patiently..be blessed too!!:)

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