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    martess got a reaction from tetandsol in Called USEmbassy for Appointment Schedule... what''s next?   
    Hello All fellow VJ members,
    I called today at USEmbassy for my schedule of Appointment using this # 02-902-8930, i did several calls before i was accommodated by
    a a call center agent based in Malaysia, she cannot understand tagalog dialect so i did it in English. Thanks to God, i finally scheduled for an interview on January 25, 2011. My query is,,, What proof i should have to bring during my interview to show that i have my appointment schedule on the 25th? When i opened my email inbox, i got an email from notification@ustraveldoc.com for the Appointment Link.. After i opened the Link i was given a password which is one of the requirement when we LOG IN to the site for online appointment aside from this, UID is also ask there? so where could i get the UID? Or do i still need to LOG IN for an Online Appointment after I was scheduled by the Call center agent on January 25, 2011?
    I am confused . Please help me
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