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    getting this frickin red tape nightmare done with so I can be with my sweetheart, that's my main interest in life.

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    We met 25 years ago on a Bus when I lived overseas. We lost contact after I got married here in the States. After I got divorced I decided to call her one day out of the blue. That was 1995, it took until 2008 for it to work out that we are now totally in love with each other and never want to be apart from each other again. I'm a lucky guy, she's the girl it was love at first sight for me. It just took a quarter of a century for it to all work out. Now we deal with my country and all the hoops they will make us jump through until we are together.

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  1. Haven't been touched since the 12th of July, all this waiting is nerve wracking.

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    2. Severina


      I know darling, it's really tough but eventually someone has to touch us :-)

    3. Severina


      Some day something's gonna happen!!! We will make it!

    4. Severina


      Well, we have come a long way. One more step now, love ya!

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