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  1. I need to wear double socks for my case of cold feet!

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    2. Terca


      At the time you are faced with the fact that YES this person will be your partner for life, it can be a bit scary. I was there and believe me I was head over heels in love with my now husband hahaha. But don't be afraid of this new chapter in your life, it is an adventure and you will not be alone the love of your life is gonna be right there next to you.

    3. Awdboost


      This is my 2nd Tour. lol Its very different from my previous relationship. Its been overwhelming to adjust. Plus we Dominicans are hard to deal with. ;) He has lived there all his life and its totally different in Indiana ?? from SDQ. Make him some dominican dishes... tostones, yuca, sancocho he will like that. Hope this works for you.. Cause we Have put A LOT of effort into this process. Cuidate.

    4. MrsAmancio


      omg! lol good one Aztec! when is the day? i know u said this week..you're doing the right thing. question..how long after interview date was your visa available? and how long did u plan to stay in DR after the interview? i'm contemplating these plans and the sensibility of waiting out this visa...

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