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  1. Called USCIS yesterday, went through two officials, got an email address for asking a question about my RFE. I wrote, and received a reply that said I needed a number given to me by the people I talked to at USCIS. No one gave me a number. Feeling about ready to scream today!

    1. ukprincessemx


      ugh that sucks...Im sorry :(

    2. firstlove2


      ok...I'm praying that God really shakes up the USCIS...and NVC...and whoever else needs a good shaking! It has been ridiculous lately for all those offices...maybe the summer heat has fried a few brain cells...Anyway, I was told by an immigration officer at USCIS that anytime you call, you can ask for an immigration officer who has the capabilities of looking further into you case than the ones who field the calls initially. The immigration officer can then put a special request in ...

    3. chevalnoir


      I did ask. They put me through to the guy that gave me an email address. Unfortunately, the guy handling the case wasn't helpful. He sent me a couple of canned responses, and still hasn't answered my simple little question. That was last Tuesday....sigh...

      I am going to be set back by at least three weeks from this.

      I hope that you will get some action on your end ASAP. Seems like the employees get a bit hardened to this.

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