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  1. Been feeling so bad this last week, time to go to the Dr's and have a full check up done :(

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    2. kjmel38


      Great to hear that no major sickness, but Still migraine is hard to deal with, i got that too , during my 2 times RFE, i had a feeling that i need to vomit but the truth i had nothing to vomit at All, & the pain in my head is like tearing me off, what i did is , I Massage the both sides of my Forehead with White Flower Oil Ointment and at the same time I took 2 Tablets of Ibufrofen , I took a Nap, soon as i got up , i feel better, & try not to think about my RFE, Took a Deep Breath ...

    3. kjmel38


      And Relax, Don't think too much of your Interview Date, I Believe you can Handle it well, All you have to do Now is Sit back & Relax so that on the Day of your Interview ,you are absolutely ready , well & Healthy, about me I'm Fine just waiting to the Card to be in the Mail, Hoping to get it soon.

    4. BethandBilly


      Thanks Mel, I'm usually very healthy, no headaches nothing, if I could go to bed I would, but I have a two year old at home, so not about to happen.

      I hope it's your Green Card coming through, that would be great :)

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