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    Well, like so many, we met online. We met and got to know each other in SecondLife, a virtual world "game" where we share a passion for (or is that an obsession with?) a virtual fishing game. Well, it seems I caught something a little bigger than a virtual fish. :)

    What started as a friendship became romantic, and after hundreds of hours getting to know each other we came to the realization that we weren't going to let 6,000 miles get in the way of our happiness.

    Did I mention we are both currently ranked top fifteen Worldwide in Neorealms fishing? Okay, no one cares but us...

    Anyway, as I was saying, an ocean and most of a continent were not going to keep us apart. When we met for the first time (gulp!) it only confirmed what we were already feeling in our hearts.

    It's been a beautiful way to get to know each other. After hundreds of hours of chatting in text, voice and webcam, we developed a true foundation and frienship, and we both know we're lucky we felt the same way when we met "in person", because really it could have gone either way.

    I've waited a loooooooooong time to catch this fish.

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  1. "Touched" again today so I'm crossing my toes, now, too.

    1. Chazzie


      wow!u'll be getting ur noa2 really s0on!and then i'll be next!yay :)

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